Professional Insider: How to Pick a Sober Living featuring Ian Koch

Ever wondered what the differences are between Recovery Residence, Sober Living, or Oxford House? Maybe you are planning an intervention for your loved one but you also want to make sure there are strategies involved for preparing for their future. Or maybe you are looking into the different aftercare programs to try and find the best fit for your loved one. 

Our guest this week, founder of Surfside Structured Sober Living, Ian Koch, shares with us what steps you need to take in order to get the proper treatment for your loved ones as well as what questions to ask each facility. Ian talks to us about strategic planning, things to look out for, and why you should be researching the different services each facility should offer to ensure a successful future outside of your loved ones recovery journey.

Topics Discussed:

  • Various sober livings and their differences
  • The importance of aftercare for your loved ones
  • Questions to ask sober living facilities
  • Why planning for your loved one’s future matters


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When Addiction Treatment Doesn’t Work:

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