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Why An Intervention & The Proper Steps When Conducting An Intervention With Mark Crandall, LMSW, LCDC

Mark Crandall , LMSW, LCDC is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who himself has been in recovery since 2007. Combined with his personal experience of struggling with addiction and his clinical experience of conducting family therapy are the two factors which make him one of the leading experts of empowering and healing families to break free from the turmoil of drug and alcohol addiction.
“An intervention is not about sending someone to treatment. It is about creating a foundation of lasting recovery.”
Mark Crandall
Mark Crandall

There are three main aspects of the intervention process.

Step 1:

Identify leverage to empower the addicted individual to accept appropriate treatment. Mark will work closely with the loved ones to minimize enabling behaviors that may contribute to a failed intervention.

Step 2:

Create a plan for how all involved are going to work toward change. When the enabling stops and the loved one engages recovery with healthy family support, the addicted individual stand a much greater chance of recovery success.

Step 3:

The client arrives to an appropriate treatment program along with a detailed aftercare plan and dependable accountability from the interventionist. Aftercare planning is often an afterthought for interventionists, and all energies may be expended on getting to rather than following through. Recovery is often a lifetime process; Mark’s intervention services in Texas set clients up for lasting success.

Families can heal, loved ones can change, and years of relentless anguish can end in that beautiful moment when your loved one agrees to commit to an actionable plan for recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services

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Mark’s is a story of uncommon adversity and triumph. At age three, Mark was taken from his biological mother by the Department of Youth and Families and placed in the foster care system. He lacked the tools and supports to manage both his grief and his new reality in society’s margins. From the pieces he conjured stories about his own worth. At around age 12 Mark began contemplating whether or not to just give up.

Throughout his early childhood, Mark’s behavior stood out to others as being abnormal and aberrant. He began to engage in criminal activity, acting out his aggression at the expense of those closest to him and society at large. Years of counseling and various combinations of medications could not correct the feelings of inadequacy and separation within.

Mark began to self-medicate with substances; thus began his spiral into painful, chaotic addiction. Mark found himself in and out of youth detention centers and other correctional facilities. He lashed out at those who would protect and support him. Though, even in his lowest moments, Mark recognized what others saw: There was greatness in even him. In 2007, Mark found a spiritual program of action in which he began overcoming the many traumatic moments of his childhood.

He also began the process of repairing the damage that he had caused others through his efforts to navigate life. Mark found freedom in an introspective process which informs his Transformational Life and Business Coaching and drug and alcohol Interventions.

Mark is trained in some of the most powerful transformation practices available, all of which he uses in his work with others. With truth as a foundation, greatness grows tall. Mark has re-written the story of his life and has dedicated his life to empowering others to accomplish the same. Mark obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) in 2014 and became a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) and Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). Mark spent seven years working with disadvantaged youth and providing individual and family counseling.

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