Family Coaching

Our Family Recovery Coaching (F.R.C) empowers families to live their best lives regardless of how their loved one is doing in recovery.

F.R.C. works side-by-side with our families by equipping them with the tools to create healthy boundaries. The F.R.C. program was created by Mark Crandall, LMSW, LDCD through his years of working with families on finding lasting recovery. Our ultimate goal is to support, encourage, and challenge families to create a life of fulfillment and love. 

These tools include:

  • Increasing communication amongst the family members
  • Identifying enabling behaviors
  • Creating systems to ensure that they are not engaged in
  • Learning the family dynamic to ensure that all family members are supporting the recovery process.
  • Creating an effective aftercare plan to ensure long-lasting recovery for both the client and family
  • Exploring your own recovery process of healing, shame, trauma, or any other emotions that have been neglected
  • Establishing self-care strategies for each family member

If you are ready to start the journey of healing, please book a free introductory call to begin to explore your recovery

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