Eps. 005 – The Dangers of Treatment Center Employees That Are Also in Recovery

Did you know that the criteria for being a good clinician doesn’t include them also being in recovery themselves? Sure, clinicians who have their own recovery journeys can be a great source for those who are currently in recovery programs. However, clinicians who don’t have a recovery journey are just as qualified to help those who are struggling. 

This week, I am discussing how clinicians who aren’t in recovery themselves actually have an unbiased therapeutic foundation for those in early recovery. I also talk about how to ask the right questions to ensure the best treatment for you and your family. By asking facilities about the history of the facility, as well as the ratio of clinicians in recovery vs. those who aren’t in recovery, this allows you to really understand the dynamic of the treatment you will be getting. 

Topics Discussed:

  • What questions you need to be asking treatment centers
  • Understanding the dynamic of the treatment facility
  • How clinicians in long-term recovery can have biases about their treatment
  • Why learning the history of the treatment facility matters


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