Ep. 014 – Professional Insider: Treatment is a Business – The Inner Workings featuring Jordan Young

Ever wondered how to truly define the success of your recovery journey or the recovery journey of a loved one? Maybe you want to share your story with others in hopes of helping other people with their recovery. Or maybe you want to prove to yourself that you are capable of owning a successful business despite your past mistakes. But in order to truly understand where you want to be, you have to first get honest with yourself on how you are going to get there. 

This week, our guest, Jordan Young, is sharing with us the keys to a successful future recovery. Jordan explains how being honest with yourself, understanding what your version of success looks like and the specific ways that work for you are key factors in that future success. We discuss the different questions we need to be asking when it comes to finding the right facility for you and/or your loved ones as well as the different treatment styles and ways of taking back ownership over your life.

Topics Discussed:

  • How to define success for you
  • Questions to be asking treatment facilities to ensure your future success
  • Why it’s beneficial to go to a residential treatment center outside of their home area
  • Learning how to be honest with yourself and your personal recovery journey


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