Ep. 011 – How to Trust a Loved One After So Much Hurt

Do you wrestle with wanting to trust your loved one even though they’ve lost your trust over and over again? Maybe you want to start giving them small freedoms but don’t know when it’s the right time. Or maybe you want to show your loved one that you want to be able to trust them but you don’t know where to start. 

This week, I am driving home one of the major issues when it comes to loving those in recovery: learning how to trust after so much dishonesty. I share my personal experience of how I earned back my mother’s trust after two years of living in recovery and how this trust came with new freedoms. When it comes to trust, it’s not easily earned after much turmoil. However, trust can be redeemable, it just takes time to earn it back.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why trust needs to be earned, not freely given
  • The process in showing up for yourself and your relationships


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