Ep. 002 – Vaping THC: Not the Weed of Your Childhood

Ep. 002 – Vaping THC: Not the Weed of Your Childhood

Ever wonder what vape pens are actually made of? Have an adolescent who seems to be addicted to their vape pen? Exactly how much THC can go unspotted through the use of vape pens?

This week, I’m talking about the epidemic of adolescents and vaping THC. With the push of legalizing marijuanna in America, I break down just how easily accessible adolescents are able to purchase these vape pens. Let’s take a look at just how dangerous the effects can have on adolescents and how to spot the addictive behaviors.  

Topics Discussed:

  • The real problem with THC vape pens
  • How to spot addictive behaviors in adolescents who are vaping THC
  • The difference in Marijuanna usage over the years
  • How the effects of vaping THC are similar to the effects of harder drugs
  • The dangers in the ease of access to Marijuanna and other illegal substances


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